Audit Firm & Accounting Services

Have you been asked to provide your organization’s reviewed financial statements to a potential lender or investor? Do you need a full scope accounting and auditing firm service, or would a lesser level of assurance suffice?

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Our Audit Team has significant experience in providing assurance services to organizations in the areas of nonprofit, manufacturing, construction and privately held, small to mid-size businesses.

Does your company provide employee benefit plans to your employees?

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires companies with more than 100 participants to have an EBP audit performed by a CPA Firm on an annual basis.

Auditing and Accounting Services Cincinnati: A Personalized Approach

At Flynn and Company, we design our audit strategy around the size and nature of our client’s business. Our audit methodology has been developed using a risk-based approach. Since all organizations are unique, very few audits can be performed using identical work plans. Our audit process provides a means so that audit effort is placed where audit risks and significance are the greatest.

Efficient Assurance Services

We have embraced technology to increase our efficiency and effectiveness to better serve our clients. Through our work flow management software we have real-time access to all of our clients’ information, streamlining our operations so we can respond quickly to our client’s needs.

We meet with management to discuss our understanding of the critical areas and develop a mutually agreed-upon timeline to ensure that key financial reporting risks are addressed. The engagement team, in conjunction with management, will identify any internal control deficiencies and will offer insights and awareness regarding these matters.

Our Assurance Services Include:

Flynn & Company is devoted to quality and has taken steps to guarantee that the Firm meets the highest professional standards.

Client Testimonials

“Flynn & Company has been the external auditor for Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates since 2004. We have been very pleased with their services which are reasonably priced and carried out by very professional staff. Because of the amount of federally originating funding we receive, Flynn & Company performs an A-133 audit for our organization. Our finance staff appreciates their accessibility throughout the year to aid with questions that arise and their suggestions for process improvements. We highly recommend them to any not-for-profit organization.”
-Barbara Seibel, President/CEO, Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates

“My experience with Flynn & Company has been great! They are efficient in conducting their audits and with minimal interruptions to our day-to-day operations. I highly recommend their services.”
-Keith Gillis, Chairman – Board of Trustees, Corinthian Baptist Church